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Deer antler Jewellery

Everything started many years ago when George Tsopanidis saw a  group of “dama dama” deer in zoo park. He then dreamt the creation of deer horn jewellery.

The journey had just started…

Using traditional methods and tools and working only by his hands George Tsopanidis managed to turn deerantlers, into pieces on which Evi Metheniti, George’s wife, creates unique pieces of art.

Wherever you look for such creations (in Greece, Internationally or on the internet) you’ll never find any.


George Tsopanidi’s and Evi’s Metheniti’s jewellery under the brand name “ido ifo” are unique in the whole world.

Objects made of deer antler can be found everywhere in the world but jewellery out of deer antler are first time presented in an international level.

Deer antler is cut, pierced, polished and made the base for the creation of the jewellery.

Silver, precious and semi precious stones, pearls, Murano glass, crystals, leather and silk are used so us unique jewellery to be created, mostly for women but for men and children as well.

By seeing these carved pieces someone would probably believe that modern ways methods of production have been used. The truth is that many hours of hard work by hand are needed so as the customers to be presented with these unique pieces of work.

The result is absolutely impressive and today many customers from Greece have the opportunity to possess these extraordinary art creations.

It’s worth mentioning that for the creation of this jewellery no deer is put to death.

Deer change antlers every year through natural process and this is how we obtain them.

The photographs which are presented on our website are only a small part of George’s Tsopanidis and Evi’s Metheniti’s work trough the last  years.

Better are yet to come……

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