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Evi Metheniti

Evi Metheniti was born in Athens, Greece, but raised at Psahna Evia where she finished primary as well as high school.

In September 1992 Evi met George Tsopanidis something which helped her love for jewellery to be revealed.

Since his childhood George had created a big collection of natural precious and semi-precious stones. At the beginning, Evi started designing jewellery for friends and relatives.

Then the creation of the Jewellery School at Chalkis gave Evi the motivation to start seeing the jewellery designing and creation as a profession. Panagiotis Xinarios was her teacher.

From 1999 to 2004 she attended the Jewellery School and her studying years were incredibly marked by a major distinction.

In the European Jewellery Competition in 2004, which was held at Delphi, Greece, from 16th to 21st of May from the School of Arts for Jewellery and Engraving of the European Parliament, Evi Metheniti takes the first place. She is awarded the Leonardo Da Vinci Award. Her work was micro sculpture on wax, showing the Vitruvian Man, something that the great Leonardo Da Vinci had designed. In this competition jewellery designers from 15 European countries as well as designers from Canada, Chili and Peru, participated.

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The previous year, 2003, at the same competition which was held in Antwerp Belgium, Evi Metheniti took the sixth place by making a ring joined to a bracelet on which the story of the city had been carved.

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Evi’s Metheniti’s pieces of jewellery have been displayed at exhibitions in Italy, France, Belgium, Cyprus and Portugal.

Evi has attended many seminars concerning jewellery, different techniques and precious stones, in Greece and abroad.

The transformation of silver into jewellery by using traditional methods if for Evi a course of life. The creation of a piece, a child as she claims, comes from an inner need. A need which revealed with the creation of a unique piece of jewellery through which there’s a long lasting connection and communication between the creator the customer.

Evi Metheniti got married with George Tsopanidis in 1994 and they have a child, Nasos.

Since May 2006, Evi Metheniti and George Tsopanidis are the owners of a Silversmith Atelier and workshop in the city of Chalkis. 

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